Viking River Cruise Excursions

Explore the highlights of Europe, Russia, and China aboard Viking River cruise excursions. Take Viking river shore excursions to cruise destinations such as St. Pertersburg, Russia, Kiev, Ukraine, and Avignon, France. Browse the extraordinary art collection at St. Petersburg's famous Hermitage, enjoy a Cossack horsemanship show in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, or sample fine French wines in Chalon, France.

Viking River Cruise Excursions - Fleet

Cruise the treasures of Europe and China aboard one of Viking River Cruises, finest ships such as the M/S Burgundy, M/S Century Sky, M/S Viking Pakhomov, and M/S Viking Pride. These are just a few of the magnificent vessels that exemplify Viking's luxury fleet.

Viking River Cruise Excursions - Russia

Tour major historical and cultural sites of St. Petersburg, Russia including the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Summer Garden, the Winter Palace, and the Hermitage Museum on Viking River cruise excursions. In the Hermitage, admire the works of art by Rubens, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others. Other worthwhile Viking River cruise excursions include a visit to the Ballet Theater and a stroll along the magnificent Palace Square. Take a romantic canal trip during the city's White Nights festival in the summer months or enjoy the carnivals and dazzling balls of the White Days festival in the winter months.

On Viking River shore excursions, enjoy a tour of the opulent palaces of the czars of Russia in ports of call like: Moscow, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Goritzy, and Kizhi. In Moscow, learn about the history of the Russian capital founded in 1147 and tour its many tourist attractions such as the Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow Circus, and the Armory Palace. Admire the Byzantine splendor of the brightly colored and domed St. Basil's Cathedral (1550s) and the famous Church of the Spilled Blood.

Viking River Cruise Excursions - Europe

Cruise the vineyard rich valleys of France aboard the M/S Burgundy and visit French destinations like Macon, Lyon, Vienne, Avignon, Les Baux de Provence, Chalon, Pont du Gard, and Arles.

Viking River cruise excursions are available around the lively cit of Brussels, Belgium, with its historical quarters, narrow streets, and friendly locals. Explore the beautifully preserved medieval cities of Brussels and Brugge on guided tours with English-speaking tour guides to explain the detailed history of each port. Shop for world-famous lace in the shops of Belgium or for wooden clogs in Holland. Have your photo taken at the famous Mannekin Pis fountain in Brussels or take an Amsterdam canal cruise. The Kinderdijk windmills and Keukenhof Gardens of Holland make for exciting shoreside adventures.

On Viking River shore excursions, tour the heart of Germany cruising along the Rhine and Danube rivers. Shore excursions at ports of call like Vienna, Linz, Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Eltville, and Heidelberg offer cruise passengers an enriching European cruise experience. Enjoy Bavarian folkloric entertainment, observe apple strudel making demonstrations, tour Cologne's Gothic Cathedral and walk the famous cobbled streets of Heidelberg. Shop the world famous Christmas markets of Germany for seasonal handicrafts and take a scenic ride through Germany's renowned wine regions.

Viking River Cruise Excursions - China

Visit the world famous Great Wall of China on Viking River cruise excursions. This man-made wonder was built thousands of years ago to protect China from northern invaders. Xian's 6,000 clay terra cotta warriors is a must-see on your visit to the Tang Dynasty city of Xian. This archeological site is located at the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the Qin Mausoleum. These 2,000 year old life-size clay sculptures are truly a breathtaking site.

Enjoy the panoramic canyon view of the winding Yangtze River from the 12-story temple in Shiboazhai which was built in 1650. Don't forget your camera when you cruise through the famous limestone ridges of the Three Gorges. Canyons and majestic mountains tower above the river on both sides. Tour the many historic sites along the way like the world famous hanging coffins of the Ba people.

Other ancient sites include Mt. Jiu Hua's Buddhist Temple complex, the Jade Buddha Temple, and the historic city of Nanjing the former capital of ancient China.

Yangtze River cruise tours of the great Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai on Viking River cruise excursion are sure to please family travelers in search of history and adventure. With a history that dates back more than 1,000 years before Christ, Beijing is a must-see among cruise destinations. Get a taste of everyday Chinese life when you take a rickshaw tour of Beijing's "hutongs" narrow ancient city alleys.

Many scenic palaces and gardens provide visitors with a wealth of sightseeing opportunities. Admire the finely manicured architectural gardens of the Summer Palace or learn more about Tiananmen Square by visiting this 100 acre square dominated by the giant portrait of Mao.

Photographers will want to visit Badaling Hills the best preserved section of the Great Wall of China and the Sacred Way an avenue of sculptured animals leading to the Ming Tombs.

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