Viking River Cruise Food

As the world's largest river cruise line, Viking River Cruises has distinguished itself by providing a comprehensive portfolio of global itineraries, designed to grant you proximate access to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. The smaller scale Viking River cruise ships are able to navigate river channels with ease, cruising through narrow watercourses to bring you face-to-face with the historic sites and cultural wonder of multiple destinations around the world.

Viking River Cruise Food - Destinations

Viking River cruise ships sail through Europe and Asia; itineraries are classified into six categories: China, Elbe, France, Holland/Belgium, Rhine/Main/Danube, and Russia/Ukraine. On a 10-night Scenic Elbe tour, you will sail from Berlin to Prague with stops in Potsdam, Wittenberg, Dessau, Worlitz, Meissen, and Dresden, Germany. A 12-night Treasures of the Rhine tour will transport you from Antwerp to Basel with stops in Brugge, Delft, Amsterdam, Arnherne, Cologne, Koblenz, Rudesheim, Heidelberg, and Strasbourg. Alternatively, a 14-night Footsteps of the Cossacks cruise offers round-trip service to and from Kiev, Ukraine with stops in Dnepropetrovsk, Nova Kachovka, Odessa, Sevastopol, Yalta, Kerson, and Zaporozhye. Viking River cruise ships generally visit a different port each day of the cruise, ensuring that every day yields a new adventure.

Viking River Cruise Food - European Viking River Cruise Menu

On cruises to Europe, the Viking River cruise food is prepared by European chefs and generally tends to be European-inspired cuisine that has been adjusted for the American palate. A generous American-style buffet awaits you at breakfast, while a lighter lunch might include items such as soup, salad, sandwich bar and/or pasta dish, choice of entree, and dessert. Dinners are multi-course events with a broad selection of delectable entrees.

Viking River Cruise Food - Chinese Viking River Cruise Menu

On cruises to China, the Viking River cruise food includes both Western and Asian-style cuisine. While there will be several Western-style lunches and dinners, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy Chinese cuisine served family-style. Sample delicious authentic Asian fare from the Viking River cruise menu and expand your epicurean horizons. In addition, many of the cruise tours will include one or more festive meals featuring regional specialties.

Viking River Cruise Food - Seating Policy

There is no assigned seating on the Viking River cruise ships, with the exception of the Ukraine ship which is also marketed to European passengers who tend to prefer fixed seating. Table reservations are not accepted, so you are free to mingle with other passengers and sit where you please. Peruse the Viking River cruise menu with new friends and enjoy this unique dining experience at sea.

Viking River Cruise Food - Special Diets

Passengers with special dietary restrictions should notify Viking River Cruises at the time of booking. The chefs will make every effort to accommodate special diets and adjust the Viking River cruise food accordingly. Rest assured, whether you require low-salt, low cholesterol, or vegetarian fare, there will be exciting menu items available for you to select from on the Viking River cruise menu.

Viking River Cruise Food - How to Book

To obtain more information pertaining to the Viking River cruise menu and Viking River cruise food and to book your vacation today, contact a certified cruise specialist at Cruise Network.

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