Viking River Cruise Itineraries

Servicing people from the United States of America, Australia and European countries such as Germany and Italy, Viking River Cruise Itineraries travel on the rivers of China, Europe and Russia while visiting at least one port of call per day. Because of its smaller vessels which can navigate the narrower waterways of the Yangtze River in China and the Seine in France, Viking River Cruise Itineraries offer a more intimate and comfortable onboard experience than other cruise lines and their larger ships. Traveling to such other world destinations as the Elbe, Holland, Belgium, the Rhine, Main, Danube and the Ukraine, Viking River cruises offer its passengers special opportunities and activities to learn about and explore these different lands and their unique cultures, monuments, villages and markets through various tours. And with longer amounts of time spent in a variety of destinations, Viking guests can truly explore and appreciate such famous cities as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Moscow and St. Petersburg during specific day and night voyages and expeditions.

All-inclusive Viking River Cruise vacations are noted for such attractions and accommodations as round-trip air fare, specific cruises, shore excursions with English speaking guides, elegant dining and deluxe river view cabins. Whether it's a three night trip or 18 night stay in popular Southeast Asia, Viking River Cruise Itineraries combine the splendor and color of these distant lands with a top onboard environment for a grand time and incredible vacation experience.

Viking River Cruise Itineraries - Ships

Viking River cruises set course on the rivers of the world with a fleet of over 15 ships. Offering the intimacy of small ship cruising, Viking River ships can accommodate anywhere from 125 to 300 people with a variety of staterooms, from standard, deluxe and single cabins to suites. While of smaller size, Viking River ships contain many of the same amenities aboard larger liners. Depending on the specific ship, some examples of these amenities include but are not limited to lounges, bars, swimming pools, libraries, spas, exercise facilities and various restaurants.

Viking River Cruise Itineraries - China

Viking River Cruise Itineraries are especially diverse in China. Setting sail down the Yangtze River on either the Viking Century Sky or the Viking Century Star, these bold Chinese cruises tour amazing cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong and historical landmarks like the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the terra cotta warriors in Xian.

As an example, Viking's Misty Mountains of the Yangtze cruise travels to Beijing and Xian in addition to a seven night cruise on this legendary river. While witnessing the caves, temples and gorges on the river, this cruise ends up in Shanghai for two special nights of the finest food and culture this city has to offer.

Past Viking River Cruises to China have been named the Imperial Jewels of China, the Roof of the World and China's Cultural Delights. Viking River Cruise Itineraries in China can last anywhere from nine to 18 nights. And unlike other cruise lines which subcontract their Chinese cruises to local agencies, Viking River cruises are overseen by their own finest tour guides for a comprehensive educational experience of this land rich in history, color and culture.

Viking River Cruise Itineraries - Russia and Ukraine

Viking River Cruises are unique for a Western cruise line in that they own and operate ships on the rivers of Russia and Ukraine. With this in mind, Viking River Cruise Itineraries in Russia and the Ukraine often last anywhere from ten to 14 nights. Past cruises have traveled the Waterways of the Czars and In the Footsteps of the Cossacks, a cruise which explores the Ukraine by sailing on the Dnieper River from Kiev to the Black Sea. Setting sail from St. Petersburg to Moscow, the Waterways of the Czars includes visits to the Red Square and the Kremlin.

Viking River vacations to Russia include specific cruises, all meals and 11 different tours. Viking River Cruises also host a welcoming cocktail reception dinner and a Captain's farewell dinner for its travelers. This line further provides private motorcoaches for all coach excursions, port lectures on various destinations and individualized port guides for those people inclined to explore Russian on their own.

Viking River Cruise Itineraries - Discounts

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