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With Viking River Cruises, you won't find overcrowded mega-sized cruise ships. No loud distracting bells and whistles, unnecessary frills, or raucous onboard parties will be found on a Viking River Cruise vacation. Viking River cruises are not your ordinary cruise vacations. Passengers are given a compelling and first-hand experience that takes you into a destination, not just past it. Viking River Cruise Line will take you along some of the most scenic and historic waterways. Take one of the Viking River Cruises through Europe or some of the most majestic places in Asia. And although the onboard experience on a Viking River Cruise review is much more trimmed down, a passenger will still find the same level of excellent service that they would on any luxury vessel. Sound like your style Then why not make your next trip a Viking River Cruise vacation.

Viking River Cruises - Viking River Cruise Line Ships

Here's a secret: The Viking River Cruise Line ships aren't cruise ships at all. Fifteen ships make up the Viking River Cruise Line fleet. The experience onboard is intimate; the largest ship carries only 231 passengers. Choose from the following Viking River Cruise Line ships:

Viking River Cruise Review - Viking River Cruise Line Onboard Experience

Viking River Cruises is all about the experiences off the ship, immersing you in the ports of call and unwrapping all the gifts they offer. (That's why the Viking River Cruises Europe packages are as popular as they are.) While there may not be a lavish casino or a brash theater onboard any Viking Cruises ship, finding a good time onboard is a sure bet. A restaurant worthy of any five-star praise, a comfortable lounge and bar, a sun deck, relaxing sauna, stair lift, a souvenir shop, and even laundry service to look your best all await you onboard Viking Cruises has everything to make your vacation as enjoyable as could be. And the Royal Viking Cruise Lines accommodations are luxurious; splendid balconies overlooking the scenic attractions and stylish comfort inside.

Viking River Cruise Review - Viking River Cruise Line Destinations

One of the great things about Viking River cruises is that the ships stop in at least one port of call per day. But with the nature of river cruising, guests not only have lots of time to explore each port, they spend more time being there than getting there. France, China, Serbia, Romania, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, and more await you with Viking River Cruises Europe tours and Viking River Cruises Asia tours.

Viking River Cruise Review - Viking River Cruise Vacation to China

In China, a land as vast as all of the United Sates, you'll sail past village and city, from culture to culture. Enjoy the onboard atmosphere of a Viking River Cruise vacation as you traverse the famous and mighty Yangtze River. See Three Gorges Dam and fabled cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Viking River Cruise Review - Viking River Cruise Vacation to Europe

A Viking River Cruise vacation that tours through Europe is like nothing else you've ever experience. Cruise along the Seine, past the City of Lights, Paris, or Rouen, where Joan of Arc drew her last breath in 1431. Or, take a Viking River Cruise review on France's other main artery, the Rhe, from the ancient city of Avignon to Chalon.

On a Viking River Cruise vacation through Germany and Eastern Europe, you could travel along the scenic Elbe River, from Berlin, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic. Flowing northwest from Prague to Germany and out into the North Sea, the Elbe River has many wonderful and historic sights along its banks that you can see on your Viking River Cruises Europe. Or, take a Viking River Cruise review down the Danube between Budapest, Hungary and the Black Sea Coast.

Viking River Cruise vacation tours of Europe and Asia are simply a few of the dozens upon dozens of options you have when choosing one of the Viking River cruises.

Viking River Cruise Review - Viking River Cruise Line Reservations

For more information regarding specific itineraries you may use our search engine or contact a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist. Whether you're seeking a trip through Asia or a Viking River Cruise of Europe, we can arrange a full package that includes airfare, pre- or post-cruise hotel accommodations, and more.

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