Viking River Holland Cruise

As the world's largest river cruise line, Viking River Cruises has distinguished itself by providing a comprehensive portfolio of global itineraries, designed to grant you proximate access to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. The smaller scale Viking River cruise ships are able to navigate river channels with ease, cruising through narrow watercourses to bring you face-to-face with the historic sites and cultural wonder of multiple destinations around the world. A Viking River Holland cruise transports you to the country of windmills, vibrant tulips, wooden clogs, and picturesque harbor villages.

Viking River Holland Cruise - Sample Itineraries

There are several exciting itineraries to select from when considering a Viking River Holland cruise and Viking River cruises to Amsterdam. Viking River cruises to Amsterdam include an exciting 7-night itinerary with round-trip service to and from Amsterdam with stops in Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Edam, Marken, Volendam, Arnhern, Dordrecht, Delft, and Rotterdam. Alternatively, a 9-night itinerary offers round-trip service to and from Amsterdam with stops in Hoorn, Volendam, Arnhern, Nijmegen, Dordrecht, Brussels, Antwerp, Brugge, Middelburg, and Rotterdam. For other options for Viking River cruises to Amsterdam available during your specific dates of travel, contact Cruise Network.

Viking River Holland Cruise - Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are part of the incredible all-inclusive value on Viking River cruises to Amsterdam. See some of the magnificent works of Rembrandt in the world-famous Rijksmuseum or embark upon a romantic gondola ride along the canals in Amsterdam. Sample Dutch cheese and Belgian chocolate while visiting Brugge and stroll through the Grand Place and old city center. Visit the Mannekis Fountain in Brussels and take in a wooden clog carving demonstration and Dutch folkloric entertainment along the way. The shore excursions offered on a Viking River Holland cruise itinerary allow for a unique exploration of this dynamic European region.

Viking River Holland Cruise - Onboard Life

On a Viking River Holland cruise, the focus is on the destination and the individual allure of each port of call. There is less emphasis placed on ostentatious distractions (e.g. casinos, massive shopping boutiques, etc.) and more placed on the small details. Life is unhurried and passengers enjoy the experience of standing on deck and watching as the ship nears the port of call. There are no huge restaurants with seating requirements or thousands of passengers to contend with when heading for the lounge. Each day of your Viking River Holland cruise, you will visit a new port of call and in the process, discover new landmarks, historic sites, and exotic cultures.

Viking River Holland Cruise - How to Book

To obtain more information pertaining to a Viking River Holland cruise and Viking River cruises to Amsterdam, contact a certified cruise specialist at Cruise Network.

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