Viking Schumann

For warm sun, gourmet meals, great cocktails, a myriad of onboard activities, and lavish accommodations, book a cruise aboard the Viking Schumann cruise ship. A Viking Schumann cruise ship sails for great Eastern European cities, which will offer you a whole world of new experiences. For more information on Viking River Schumann Cruises, contact Cruise Network and book with a Cruise Specialist today.

Viking Schumann - The Ship

The Viking Schumann cruise ship is a sleek and modern cruise ship featuring a total of 60 cabins. All 60 cabins are roomy with an ocean view. The cabins feature a bathroom with shower, phone, TV, hair dryer and air conditioning. The Viking Schumann cruise ship also contains a restaurant, bar and lounge, sun deck, sauna, stair lift, souvenir shop and laundry service.

Viking Schumann Cruise Ship Facts:
Built: 1991
Refurbished: 2001
Number of Decks: 2
Crew Members: 28
Passengers: 124

Viking Schumann - The Onboard Experience

Viking River Schumann Cruises is an all-inclusive vacation package. Come aboard a Viking Schumann cruise ship for rest and relaxation in a lavish stateroom replete with plush linens made on hotel-style beds. Feast in a quaint restaurant on gourmet cuisine. Take in the awesome views from the large picture windows of the Viking Schumann cruise ship. You also have sightseeing opportunities, which include the Old World Highlights, program featuring folkloric entertainment, lectures and demonstrations and daily shore excursions lead by well-informed, English-speaking tour guides.

Your mornings and evenings spent with Viking River Schumann Cruises are sure to be brimming with excitement. And not because of any unnecessary frills, but because Viking River Schumann Cruises takes intimate cruise vacations seriously, and is committed to giving its passengers a wonderful onboard experience.

Viking Schumann - Your Cruise Vacation Package

Your all-inclusive Viking Schumann Cruise Ship vacation package includes:

Viking Schumann - The Destinations

As potable as a fine wine and as awe-inspiring as a tangerine sunset is the breathtaking scenery of Eastern Germany's Elbe River. Elbe River features beautifully manicured gardens and the baroque grandeur of Dresden. Take a ride on the Viking Schumann cruise ship and experience the renaissance in progress in Berlin since East and West Germany's unification. Cruise the Elbe River and investigate the path of Martin Luther, see the lavish homes of the Saxon Monarchs and visit the famed Meissen porcelain factory. End your Viking Schumann cruise ship vacation with an exploration of the massive Hradcany Castle complex in Prague. Sight of its grand architecture is priceless.

Viking Schumman - Booking

For more information on a Viking River Schumann Cruises, speak with a skilled Cruise Network Cruise Specialist.

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