Viking Seine

The Viking Seine cruise ship combines reserved elegance with a journey that gives passengers an opportunity to experience the world of France like no large cruise ship could ever dream of doing. Rather than simply landing at a coastal city and leaving it at that, this special cruise line has a fleet of ships that allow you to can travel into the heart of this romantic and storied country. Viking Cruise Line is the leader in European river travel, and its Viking Seine offers guests with a totally unique way to see France via waterway. The Viking Cruise Line fleet of ships allows guests to get deep into France and uncover its soul.

Viking River Seine Cruise - Viking Seine Cruise Ship Itinerary

The Viking River Seine cruise meanders along the river through some of France's most scenic regions. After you board the Viking Seine cruise ship in Paris, the City of Lights, you'll have a couple of days to explore what has been called by many the most romantic city on earth. Then, the Viking Seine cruise ship will sail to the charming, provincial town of Vernon, where you'll be able to stroll down cobblestone streets and see an 11th century Notre Dame Cathedral.

Viking River Seine Cruise - Viking Seine Cruise Ship - Monet

After that, the Viking River Seine cruise is off to the home town of Monet, probably the most famous Impressionist painter of all time; you can still see his stone block home, carefully restored to how it was until his death in 1926. See Giverny's Chateau Gaillard, a royal castle constructed in the 12th century by that famous crusader, Richard the Lionheart, as a key defense of Normandy.

Viking River Seine Cruise - Viking Seine Cruise Ship - Normandy

Although it was destroyed in a siege by Henry IV during the Wars of Religion between the Catholics and Protestants, much of it still stands today...a fact that will no doubt be appreciated when you visit it. When you sail on the Viking River Seine cruise, you'll also visit Rouen, a city founded by the Romans and where Joan of Arc was later burned for heresy. The charming Caudebec and the old port city of Honfleur are two stops before you finally end up in Le Havre, a historic town with the most famous Notre-Dame Cathedral. After exploring Le Havre, you can go pay homage to the sacrifice made by U.S. troops on the shore of Normandy Beach during the liberation of France in WWII.

Viking River Seine Cruise - Viking Seine Cruise Ship Onboard Experience

All during your trip on the Viking Seine cruise ship, you'll be treated to not only a great array of magical places along the river, but also gracious service onboard the ship. A Welcome Cocktail Reception and Dinner is the perfect way to begin your cruise; a Captain's Farewell Dinner is the perfect way to end it. Viking Cruise Line will also offer motorcoach transportation for all excursions, port lectures and port guides by experts, convenient currency exchange services, and much more.

When it comes to the Viking Seine cruise ship specifications, there are a total of 76 total cabins. 28 of those cabins are standard, while the remaining 48 are deluxe cabins. Yet no matter which cabin you've reserved, you'll be treated to many of the comforts of home, such as a private bathroom and shower, air conditioning, a telephone, TV, hairdryer, and safe. Many cabins have windows that open to allow some fresh air in. Yet even if your cabin is missing some other creature comforts of home, I'd be willing to bet your house doesn't float languidly down the stunning Seine River.

Viking River Seine Cruise - Viking Seine Cruise Ship - Dining / Public Rooms

The Viking Seine cruise ship public spaces are no less accommodating. Meals of the finest order are served in the restaurant onboard the ship, while the lounge and bar are great places to relax in between ports of call.

There's also a library, from which you can grab a book to enjoy on the sun deck or the promenade deck. And before your trip is over, I'm sure you'll have bought many souvenirs at the port cities you visit; don't forget the ship's souvenir shop that's located conveniently onboard.

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