Viking Spirit

The Viking Spirit cruise ship combines reserved elegance with a journey that immerses passengers in some of the most amazing places in the Netherlands and Western Europe. Viking River Spirit cruises seem to do it all; disappointing passengers, however, is not one of them. Viking Cruise Line is the leader in European river travel, as well as a totally unique way to see Europe via waterway. Viking River Spirit Cruises and the entire Viking Cruise Line fleet of ships allow guests to get deep into the beating heart of Europe.

Viking River Spirit Cruises - Viking Spirit Cruise Ship Itineraries

Don't just go to a destination; breathe in a destination. Viking River Spirit cruises and the Viking Spirit cruise ship are special in their variety. Choose from many different itineraries, each offering guests the chance to experience a royal vacation.

Spend seven nights on roundtrip Viking River Spirit cruises from Amsterdam on a Holland and Belgium Dutch Journey. After boarding the Viking Spirit cruise ship in Amsterdam, you'll be able to spend a couple days exploring the electrifying city, and then begin your cruise along four rivers, the Nieuwe, Maas, Nederrijn, and Ijssel. You'll see Enkhuizen, a city that was once a medieval fishing village that to this day retains many of its ancient charms. Hoorn, Edam, and Marken are three cities which also have long maritime traditions, and guests will have ample opportunity to discover all three.

Spend your day doing exactly as you will in Volendam; its shops and bakeries are simply delightful. Almost completely destroyed during WWII, Arnhem is now filled with parks and gardens, in which it has never been so much fun getting lost. Of course, a trip through Dutch country wouldn't be complete without checking out some windmills, and from Dordrecht, founded in 1008; you can easily take the short journey to Kinderdijk to see some beautiful examples of Don Quixote's giants. Home of the famous 17th century Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer, Delft was the inspiration for many of his paintings. Finally, before returning to Amsterdam, you'll spend a day in what is considered the world's largest port, Rotterdam. This journey aboard the Viking Spirit cruise ship is filled with stories of ancient and modern history, amazing sights, giving people a true sense of what the region is all about.

Viking River Spirit Cruises - Viking Spirit Cruise Ship Destinations

Take Viking River Spirit Cruises down the Rhine, Main, and Danube. There are four options from which a guest can choose when traveling aboard the Viking Spirit cruise ship.

The first is a 12-night voyage from Vienna to Amsterdam aboard the Viking Spirit cruise ship.
The second travels from Vienna to Nuremburg on a 7-night tour where you'll take a Viking Danube River cruise and dock at several ports of call.
Go from Amsterdam to Budapest on a 14-night cruise or from Budapest to Nuremburg on 7-night cruise.

These legendary rivers are major arteries in the heart of Europe. See the exciting city of Amsterdam; Cologne and its Dom Cathedral, the largest in Europe; Nuremburg, the city where Nazis were held accountable for war crimes; the romantic city of Vienna, and more. Visit museums filled with antiquities, rolling countryside and bustling cosmopolitan cities, dazzling gardens and busy streets, spiraling cathedrals and quaint homes centuries old. But most of all, these itineraries are laden with memories that will never fade.

Viking River Spirit Cruises - Viking Spirit Cruise Ship Accommodations

The Viking Spirit cruise ship is not large, at least when compared to the more conventional cruise. You won't find a rock climbing wall or a casino filled with a hundred slot machines. There isn't a huge theater or a dozen restaurants. But what this ship lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. There are 75 outside cabins, 12 of which are standard cabins and 63 of which are deluxe. Of course, guests' accommodations aboard Viking River Spirit cruises come complete with their own private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, a telephone, a TV, a hairdryer, and a safe for valuables.

Viking River Spirit Cruises - Viking Spirit Cruise Ship Onboard Experience

When it comes time to relax, the lounge and bar onboard provide the perfect atmospheres. While there is only one restaurant, you can easily fool your taste buds into thinking there are more because there is such a wide array of menu items. Guests will be able to find some quiet time in the library, lying about sun deck, or strolling along the promenade deck. You'll have a wonderful, relaxing time in between each port of call. A convenient currency exchange service, as well as port guides will let you get the most out of your trip. And, with a Welcome Reception and Dinner, as well as a Captain's Farewell Dinner, your trip will be filled with pleasures from beginning to end.

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