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Discover Russia in a way that only Viking River Surkov cruises can provide. The Viking Surkov cruise ship can take you into the heart of Russia via winding rivers that cut through countryside and meander past booming cities. The Viking Surkov cruise ship is able to provide passengers with an amazing vacation while on the ship, as well. For while Viking River Surkov cruises are all about the destinations passengers visit, never is it at the expense of the onboard experience.

Viking River Surkov Cruises - Viking Surkov Cruise Ship Onboard Experience

The Viking Surkov cruise ship is one of the larger ships in the Viking Cruise Line fleet, and as such has even more onboard features than many of the other Viking ships. You'll find two elegant restaurants, two bars, a library, sauna and massage area, a sun deck, and a promenade deck onboard the Viking Surkov cruise ship. And when it comes to the accommodations, guests want for nothing. There are 103 cabins, 74 of which are standard and 20 of which are deluxe. Two glorious suites are onboard, as well as seven single cabins. All Viking Surkov cruise ship cabins are outside cabins, featuring a spacious bathroom with shower, air conditioning, and many other amenities to give you a level of comfort that can only be surpassed at home. With Viking River Surkov cruises, all your meals of excellent cuisine are included, as well as a Welcome Cocktail Reception and Dinner upon arrival and a Captain's Farewell Dinner when it's time to leave.

Viking River Surkov Cruises - Viking Surkov Cruise Ship Destinations

Request one of the individual port guides for when you want to explore a port of call on your own. You'll get the most out of your shore excursion. You can also listen to experts speak about the history and culture of the Czars and Russian life. Enlightening and exciting all at once!

Though Viking River Surkov cruises vary slightly, you'll travel on the Viking Surkov cruise ship between two famous cities in Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow. On your journey through historic Russia, you'll see the grand monuments and opulent royal palaces of the Czars. And you'll have time to browse the extraordinary collection of art in the Hermitage Museum, and enjoy world class theatrical performances in both cities. From the time of the Czars to the Bolshevik Revolution beginning in 1917 to the cities significance during WWII to their modern statuses, these cities are the jewels in Russia's crown.

Although the city was founded under the name St. Petersburg in 1703, it was changed to Petrograd in 1914, then Leningrad ten years after that. Leningrad was the scene of a 3 year long siege during WWII in which the Germans surrounded the city. Close to 1,000,000 Russian men, women, and children died during those terrible years. St. Petersburg finally took back its initial name after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1991, and it is now has the moniker Venice of the North for its many canals and beautiful architecture.

But you'll also get to see the visionary architecture of Kizhi; the quaint village of Goritzy; the city of Uglich and its many colorful, spiraling churches; and of course, Moscow. You'll get to spend three days in the largest city in Russia, which has stood since the 12th century. Tour the Red Square, visit the Kremlin, walk through the Armory Palace, and watch a show of the amazing Moscow Circus.

Viking River Surkov Cruises - Viking Surkov Cruise Ship Reservations

These and more ports of call and activities await you. Call one of our certified Cruise Specialists to help you choose which one is right for you. There are many different Viking River Surkov cruises, each lasting 10 or 11 days.

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