Viking Yangtze River Cruise

A Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River visits various Chinese destinations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Xian. With travel itineraries lasting anywhere from nine to 18 days, a Viking Yangtze River Cruise will bring passengers to such historical landmarks as the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the terra cotta warriors in Xian. Besides offering incredible shore excursions led by English speaking guides at various Chinese ports of call, a Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River is characterized by small ships which are capable of navigating the narrowest waterways on this legendary river. Currently, Viking River Cruises offers five different voyages which utilize the Yangtze.

When it comes to exploring the imperial treasures and cultures of China during a most comprehensive vacation, a Viking Yangtze River Cruise is a shining star when compared to competing cruise lines.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - Review of Yangtze River

A Viking Yangtze River Cruise extensively travels the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world, behind the Amazon in South America and the Nile in Africa. Almost 3,962 miles long, the Yangtze flows from the western part of China eastwards into the East China Sea. Often referred to as the "Golden Waterway," the Yangtze River is also considered a dividing point between north China and south China. Unbeknownst to many people, the Yangtze River is home of two endangered species, the Chinese River Dolphin and the Chinese Alligator.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - Imperial Jewels of China Cruise

The 9-day "Imperial Jewels of China" voyage remains one of the most popular Viking Yangtze River Cruises around. This Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River sets sail from Beijing to Shanghai. This spectacular Viking Yangtze River Cruise passes wonderful attractions like the Qutang and Wu Gorges and the Three Gorge Dam. This Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River also affords guests the opportunity to visit the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square. In the past, this cruise has set sail on the Viking Century Sky ship during the month of November.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - Misty Mountains of the Yangtze Cruise

The 13-day "Misty Mountains of the Yangtze" cruise also travels from Beijing to Shanghai. This Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River guarantees to leave its guests feeling enchanted as they pass the Snow Jade Cave and the Shibaozhai Temple. After passing through the locks of various dams, this Viking Yangtze River Cruise will sail to the rural Jingzhou Village and Dongting Lake via the Viking Century Sky vessel. This cruise has recently set sail from March to late November.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - The Roof of the World Cruise

The 13-day "Roof of the World" cruise sails from Beijing to Xian before visiting the majestic splendors of Tibet. Located at the foot of Mount Everest, Lhasa, Tibet is often described as "The Roof of the World," hence the name of this uncanny cruise. Travelers on this Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River will be amazed by the Buddhist Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace, the former home of the Dalai Lamas. Sailing via the Century Sky ship, this Viking Yangtze River Cruise is frequently offered from April through October.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - China's Cultural Delights Cruise

When it comes to getting a panoramic view of China and its unique culture, the 15-day China's Cultural Delights- adventure is an intriguing option. For those people who desire to learn about the origins of China's diverse culture, this Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River satisfies the appetite. Spending nine days on the Yangtze, this cruise visits such vital destinations as Chongqing, Shibaozhai, Jingzhou, Wuhan, Mount Jiu Hia, Jingdezhen and Nanjing. Did you known that Jingdezhen is the birthplace of porcelain while Nanjing was the former capital of ancient China You would if you embarked on this wonderful Viking Yangtze River Cruise, often offered during the month of November via the Viking Century Star or Viking Century Sun ships.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - Cultural Delights & Shopper's Paradise Cruise

When it comes to the most ultimate Viking Yangtze River Cruise, the 18-day Cultural Delights & Shopper's Paradise, Cruise fits the bill. Fashioned after the exploits of Marco Polo, who cruised around China for nearly 20 years, this Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River provides a comprehensive package of the four previously detailed cruises. Just as it includes similar destinations from the four other cruises, this Viking Cruise on the Yangtze River includes 19-separate tours of various Chinese landmarks and some 40 meals. Cultural highlights on this Viking Yangtze River Cruise include a visit to the Peking Opera House, a fun trip to a Chinese acrobatic performance and a wonderful Peking duck dinner. Furthermore, this cruise includes both a Captain's Welcome and Farewell dinner.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - Ships

Viking River cruises set course on the rivers of the world with a fleet of over 15 vessels. Offering the intimacy of small ship cruising, Viking River ships can accommodate anywhere from 125 to 300 people with a variety of staterooms, from standard, deluxe and single cabins to suites. While of smaller size, Viking River ships contain many of the same amenities aboard larger liners. Depending on the specific ship, some examples of these amenities include but are not limited to lounges, bars, swimming pools, libraries, spas, exercise facilities and various restaurants. From exquisite dining and excellent entertainment to gracious service and bountiful accommodations, this fleet of ships has got it all during your Viking Yangtze River Cruise.

Viking Yangtze River Cruise - Discounts

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