Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise

A Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise travels to destinations in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. A Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise often includes six-day travel itineraries which offer tropical pleasure, warm weather and great adventure via shore excursions in various ports of call. A Barefoot Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise sets sail on the Caribbean Sea via the S.V. Polynesia ship during the summer and fall.

In addition to traveling to the incredible ABC Islands, the S.V. Polynesia also cruises to spectacular locations in St. Maarten and Leewards at various times of the year. Noted for a wonderful onboard experience featuring a relaxed atmosphere and top dining, the S.V. Polynesia offers the comfort of small-ship cruising while traveling to big ship destinations during an ultimate family vacation or luxury group outing.

Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise - Six Day ABC Islands Cruise

Barefoot Windjammer usually offers a six-day ABC Islands cruise from May to October. The ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are located north of Falcon State, Venezuela. While Bonaire and Curacao are in the Netherlands Antilles, all three islands are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

A Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise to Aruba will reveal many different and wonderful things. Renowned for the many tropical beaches on its western and southern coasts, Aruba is a relatively flat island which lacks any rivers. Sheltered from fierce ocean currents, the western and southern coasts of Aruba are popular areas to visit while the traditional northern and eastern coasts remain largely untouched by humans. Aruba?s countryside is comparable to the southwest region of the United States of America. The cacti, wild orchids, boulders and wind-swept trees reveal Aruba?s dry climate.

With this in mind, Aruba remains a wonderful place for diving and such other water sports activities as fishing, sailing and snorkeling. Aruba?s capital city, Oranjestad, bustles with Dutch architecture for the sightseeing crowd while the nightlife is stupendous throughout the Island.

Did you know that Bonaire has been a major supplier of salt to the United States of America for years? You would if you embarked on a Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise. Barefoot Windjammer guests love this island because for its world renowned diving conditions, which expose people to unique marine life and coral reefs. If the diving does prove stimulating enough, take your binoculars to the coast line. Dotted with lava formations, grottoes and caves, Bonaire guarantees to leave a lasting impression via its diverse splendor and beauty.

A Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise also travels to Curacao, which is the largest and most populated of the three islands. Like Bonaire, Curacao is renowned for its coral reefs which are very advantageous for diving. Curacao?s capital city of Willemstad provides wonderful excursions away from the water. Evoking images of a rainbow, Willemstad is splashed with multicolored architecture. Many Windjammer passengers visit the Floating Market, where Venezuelan fisherman tie up their boats and sell delicacies. A Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise will also visit Klein Curacao, a tiny island noted for its beaches and diving conditions.

Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise - S.V. Polynesia Ship

A Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise involves life aboard the S.V. Polynesia vessel. Built in 1938 and named ARGUS, the S.V. Polynesia was once featured in National Geographic magazine. Acquired by Windjammer in 1975, this vessel was given its current name, Polynesia. This historic 248-foot schooner features three different decks. As for accommodations, the S.V. Polynesia contains 112 berths which feature admiral suites, commodore deluxes and standard and ensign cabins.

The S.V. Polynesia ship requests a casual and relaxed atmosphere while aboard its decks. Guests do not have to dress up when dining and are encouraged to sit wherever they please. More importantly, Windjammer's onboard activities and entertainment are centered on the main deck, where guests can even bring their bedding at night and sleep under the stars. While sailing with older vessels, Windjammer's fleet of tall ships often stirs feelings of adventure, romance and a connection with nature via a much smaller and intimate setting.

Windjammer ABC Islands Cruise - Discounts

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