Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise

A Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise travels to island destinations and ports of call in Cooper Island, Jost Van Dyke, Norman Island, Peter Island, Tortola and Virgin Gorda. A Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise typically involves six day travel itineraries which offer tropical pleasure, special weather and incredible adventures via top shore excursions at these various ports of call. A Barefoot Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise often sails on the S.V. Mandalay ship.

Besides sailing to the British Virgin Islands, the S.V. Mandalay travels to St. Vincent, Grenadines, Antigua and the Eastern Caribbean. Noted for a wonderful onboard experience featuring a relaxed atmosphere, inclusive entertainment and top dining, the S.V. Mandalay offers the comfort of small-ship cruising while traveling to big ship destinations during an ultimate family vacation or group outing to the British Virgin Islands.

Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise - Review of British Virgin Islands

Located a few miles east of the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands are a collection of roughly 50 small islands in the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Guana Island, Great Camanoe, Peter Island, Beef Island, Salt Island, Cooper Island, Norman Island, Ginger Island and many small islands clustered around the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The British Virgin Islands are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the South. Named by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage in 1493, the British Virgin Islands has one of the more prosperous economies in the entire Caribbean.

Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise - Six-day BVI Cruise

The six day Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise has set sail in the past during the months of April through September. A Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise will often drop anchor at Manchineel Bay near Cooper Island. While on Cooper Island, take advantage of the pristine beaches and inviting waters which are ideal for novice and professional snorkelers. Jost Van Dyke is another popular destination on this Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise. Did you know that Jost Van Dyke was named after a Dutch Pirate? Many guests flock to Jost Van Dyke's Great Harbor, which is famous for throwing an amazing New Year's Eve Party.

This Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise also visits Norman Island, which is believed to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson when he wrote his famous book Treasure Island. While at Norman Island, explore the myth of the pirate's loot supposedly buried underneath the natural formation called the Indians. For those guests looking for even more adventure, Peter Island is a wonderful option on this Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise. After a nice picnic on one of the many beaches on Peter Island, saunter on over to the nearby Salt Island for the ultimate adventure. Explore the ruins of the R.M.S. Rhome, a 310-foot ship which sunk in 1867 and now lies in a wreck off the Salt Island coast in some 20-80 feet of crystal-clear water.

This Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise will also visit Tortola and Virgin Gorda. The largest of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola offers plenty of surfing and shore excursions. Go hiking at Sage Mountain National Park, swim with dolphins at the Prospect Reef Resort or take a land rover and jeep safari throughout this wonderful destination. Virgin Gorda is famous for The Baths, gigantic boulders which form caves and grottos. Explore the cracks and crevices of the Baths on foot while in Virgin Gorda during your ultimate Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise.

Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise - S.V. Mandalay Ship

A Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise involves life aboard the S.V. Mandalay vessel. Built in 1923 for financier E.F. Hutton and named HUSSAR, the S.V. Mandalay has truly had a storied past. After beings sold in the 1930's and renamed VEMA, this nautical ship was not done moving about the seas and various owners. Colombia University eventually came to own the ship and sailed it over one million miles before Windjammer came into possession of it. With accommodations for around 70 guests, the S.V. Mandalay takes the idea of small-ship cruising to a whole new level. And despite its age, the S.V. Mandalay remains in classy form in addition to being enhanced over the years with renovations and improvements.

The S.V. Mandalay ship requests a casual and relaxed atmosphere while aboard its decks. Guests do not have to dress up when dining and are encouraged to sit wherever they please. More importantly, Windjammer's onboard activities and entertainment are centered on the main deck, where guests can even bring their bedding at night and sleep under the stars. While sailing with older vessels, Windjammer?s fleet of ships often stirs feelings of adventure, romance and a connection with nature via a much smaller and intimate setting.

Windjammer British Virgin Islands Cruise - Discounts

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