Windjammer Cruise Excursions

Fun and adventure in the sun await you when you travel with Windjammer Cruise Excursions! Scuba dive in the Caribbean?s crystal blue waters with Windjammer Cruises. Or enjoy a scenic tour on shore while cruising. Cruisers can also go mountain biking or hiking. With these great deals on these activities, you are sure to have the time of your life!

Windjammer Cruise Excursions - British Virgin Islands

Active cruisers will not want to miss out on Windjammer Cruise excursions in the British Virgin Islands, sometimes called the water sports capital of the Caribbean. Adventurous guests will enjoy parasailing in St. Thomas. Or swim with a dolphin in Tortola.

Nature lovers can experience the Glory of The Baths in Virgin Gorda, one of the top ten places to visit the Caribbean. The Baths are a special collection of huge boulders that are piled up on the beach. Worn smooth by the wind and water over the ages, these gigantic rocks have fallen in such a way that they have created a whole series of caverns of passages that are fun to explore.

Windjammer Cruise Excursions - St. Kitts

Explore St. Kitts and all of its unspoiled beauty with Windjammer Cruise excursions! This is one of the last places in the world where the rainforest is actually expanding. Instead of stamping out traditional lifestyles with mass tourism, this island cherishes its West Indian culture.

History buffs who choose Windjammer Cruise excursions can enjoy the day by visiting Brimstone Hill, an impressive 17th-century fortress that looms over green fields of sugar cane and banana trees. The capital, BasseTerre, is a busy hub and an interesting mix of architectural styles.

See the entire country with a Windjammer Cruises excursion by rail and by road with a picturesque rail tour along St. Kitts Scenic Railway, one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.

Active cruisers will enjoy kayaking and snorkeling along the coast. Nature lovers can explore St. Kitt's lush vegetation during a rainforest safari with Windjammer Cruise excursions. Learn about the medicinal uses of plants and sample fresh fruits while hiking through this beautiful area. You will cross paths, over streams, rocks and stones. This adventurous tour ends at a lookout point high in the centre of the forest.

Windjammer Cruise Excursions - The Fleet

Experience barefoot Windjammer Cruises! Windjammer Cruise Line's five ships are tall-masted vessels that provide a relaxed, casual and comfortable atmosphere. These fun-filled ships? spacious decks can be used for lounging, reading, socializing or dancing. The choice of how to enjoy your day cruising is yours! Dining is also a casual experience. No formal wear is required while dining - just bring your appetite!

Windjammer Cruise Excursions - Ship Facts

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