Windjammer Cruise Ships

Windjammer cruise ships have a unique distinction in the cruise industry. These old clippers were once used by different companies and governments for a variety of purposes, from marine research to freight transportation to use as private yachts. This gives them an authentic feel of antiquity that other cruise ships can?t match. This is part of the reason that Windjammer Barefoot Cruises has etched a niche for itself in the cruise industry, providing grand tours to exotic Caribbean locations and offering a distinctly warm and intimate small-ship atmosphere. Once you join a journey aboard a one of the Windjammer cruise ship, you?ll be hooked and want to come back again and again.

Windjammer Cruise Ships - Fleet

Each of the Windjammer cruise ships has its own unique history and ambience that give it a truly individual personality. These ships have a combined 340 years sailing through the seas, developing storied histories and legends in the process. They are also of a modest size, giving an opportunity for a very intimate small-ship feel. None of the ships has more that 122 berths, so travelers can expect the highest level of attention from the friendly and well-trained staff. Let's introduce you to each of these vessels.

The 294 ft. S. V. Legacy was built in 1959 by a French company under the name France II, and was originally chartered as a meteorological research vessel for the French government. She was acquired by Windjammer Barefoot in 1989, whereby she was refurnished with the lavish amenities, innovative navigational systems, and spacious living quarters. This history gives her a definite air of rich nautical tradition coupled with commodious, friendly surroundings. The vessel has 122 spacious berths, each furnished with fine amenities, yet still radiating a subtle old-fashioned sparkle.

The 248 ft. S. V. Polynesia has been sailing the seals for nearly 80 years, once even as a part of the Portuguese Naval fleet. This vessel, which was featured in a 1952 edition of National Geographic magazine, offers a traditional feel along with some fine modern amenities. Here 112-berth capacity allows for ample attention by each of their staff to the each individual guest.

The storied history of the 197 ft. S. V. Yankee Clipper can only be described as the stuff of movies. Built in 1928, the expansive life of this craft includes the notoriety of being on of one of the first armored plated private yachts in the world, a WWII war prize, a part of the famed Vanderbilt family's fleet, and the distinction of being one of the fastest tall ships in the world. What all this history amounts to is a uniquely rich experience when one sets foot aboard this craft, where one is treated to friendly, intimate fitting service fitting for a vessel that holds only 64 berths, and a vibrant and lively atmosphere consistent with its long, eventful past.

The S. V. Mandalay is a 236 ft. barquentine (a ship with three to five masts) that was built in 1923. The ship was eventually sold to Columbia University, where it logged over one million sailing miles conducting scientific research. It has even been credited as the ship where evidence was gathered to develop the theory of continental drift. The only way to do justice to the legacy of this fine sailing vessel is to experience it for yourself. Indulge in the majesty of this vessel as you roam through the corridors and hallways; embrace the fine and rich past of the journeys of past travelers on the foredeck when with the smooth wind and Caribbean sun is beaming off of your face; and, relive adventures as these ships speeds through the sea at 15 knots. A voyage aboard the Mandalay will certainly be an unforgettable one.

The 50 year-old M. V. Amazing Grace has the distinction among the Windjammer cruise ships of not having any sails. Despite that fact, she is one of the most popular vessels in the fleet, offering extended Caribbean tours and leaving memories imprinted in the hearts and minds of travelers. Originally hailing from Scotland, she spent several years as a freight vessel for English and Scottish lighthouse attendants before she was purchased by Windjammer Barefoot Cruises and designed into a luxury cruise liner. Containing only 92 berths, this ship provides offers a very warm ? barge ? feel where it's almost impossible for guests are not to develop a certain level of camaraderie before their journey ends.

Windjammer Cruise Ships- Destinations

Windjammer cruise ships cruise to some of the most exotic locations in the eastern and Caribbean, such as The Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, Curacao, Grenada, and Costa Rica. So, expect to get some snorkeling around the majestic isle of Virga Gorda of the Virgin Islands, some fun in the sun at beaches of St. Maarten, or at a lavish resort in Grenada. Windjammer cruise ships cover all of the crystal-clear majestic waters of the Caribbean with a feel and style like no other, so be prepared to experience tropical majesty.

Windjammer Cruise Ships - Onboard Accommodation

Windjammer cruise ships are accommodated with the fine living quarters and amenities. Each of the main cabins has upper and lower berth twin beds, warm showers, and portholes with tremendous ocean views. If one upgrades to a luxury suite, they can expect a sitting area, a refrigerator, a large viewing window, and skylights. While aboard one of the Windjammer cruise ships, you?re certain to feel an exceptional level of comfort and relaxation.

Windjammer Cruise Ships - Onboard Activities

The day whizzes by onboard on of Windjammer?s remarkable liners. So, it's important to advantage of the precious time you have while onboard. There are a variety of refreshing and unique activities on board each ship to keep you entertained and enthralled. There are various activities including water-sports and field excursions into the different scenic areas of the destinations. Kids and teens even have an opportunity to take a tour of the boat and see how everything works. Not only does the family have fun, but singles have a great opportunity to meet that certain special someone, and what better way over the romantic blue waters of the Caribbean? So, on this vacation, kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself aboard a Windjammer cruise ship.

Windjammer Cruise Ships - Dining

Dining onboard one of the Windjammer cruise ships can best be described as laid-back and casual. Passengers can expect a relaxed uniform code, and they can also have the freedom of sitting anywhere they please, a great way to meet new people. The cuisine itself is remarkable, and the chefs are able to conjure up many wonderful delights, even for those people who have special requests. Come aboard a ship where you can dine on fine cuisine, and make new friends at the same time!

Windjammer Cruise Ships - How to Book

This vacation, choose Windjammer Barefoot cruises as your cruise liner. An alternative to the typical offerings of the standard cruise liners, Windjammer cruise ships offer a distinct and different appeal that everyone can enjoy. They will be glad to provide you with information, answer any of your questions, and guide you through the cruise reservations process. Set sail on an amazing Windjammer Barefoot cruise today!

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