Windjammer Repositioning Cruises

It's time to change your latitude! Travel to new islands aboard your favorite ship when you book Windjammer Repositioning Cruises. Whether you want to sail in April or September, the Windjammer cruise line sails the seas of the Caribbean and takes guests to great destinations, including the Bahamas, West Indies, Dominica and Central America. Cheap Windjammer cruises at special prices are also available.

Windjammer Repositioning Cruises - Grenada

Explore Grenada, which has been called "Spice Island" or "the fruit basket of the Caribbean". Grenada's fertile soils are perfect for growing cinnamon, cloves and cocoa trees. Enjoy the wonderful scents of ginger, vanilla and nutmeg in the air, while the countryside boasts every type of tropical fruit that you can imagine.

Windjammer Repositioning Cruises - St. Lucia

Although there are many pretty landscapes throughout the Caribbean, St. Lucia remains a nature lover's paradise during a Windjammer cruise. Experience breathtaking waterfalls, hot springs, botanical gardens and the world's only "drive-in" volcano.

Active cruisers will want to grab their hiking boots and venture through the Rainforest Reserve, which is also a favorite venue for bird-watching. The forest is full of beautiful giant ferns, wild orchids and towering stands of bamboo.

Windjammer Repositioning Cruises - St. Vincent

An exciting boat ride is the best way to learn about St. Vincent's volcanic origins during Windjammer Repositioning Cruises. Visit Falls of Baleine, a gorgeous waterfall that spills from a mass of foliage into a rockbound pool. Cruisers can also brighten their day with a free tour through the island's botanical gardens the oldest in the Northern Hemisphere.

Windjammer Repositioning Cruises - St. Barthelemy (St. Barts)

Experience this great island's French influences. Dine alfresco during a Windjammer cruise at a village caf'or at a beachside table. French food, wine and fashion grace this tropical landscape. Go shopping in Baie St. Jean, the Caribbean's answer to the French Riviera, with its chic boutiques, beachfront bars and restaurants.

Windjammer Repositioning Cruises - Nevis

Be sure to bring your camera for a beautiful Botanical Gardens tour in Nevis. These gardens are some of the most impressive gardens in the Eastern Caribbean, rivaling St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent. Nevis Botanical Gardens? spectacular tropical plants from around the world provide a wonderful, scenic background. Witness these plant's vibrant colors, unusual shapes and aromatic scents.

Windjammer Repositioning Cruises - The Fleet

Experience barefoot Windjammer Cruises! Windjammer Cruise Line's five ships are tall - masted vessels that provide a relaxed, casual and comfortable atmosphere. Spend your days on these fun-filled ships? spacious decks by lounging, reading, socializing or dancing. The choice of how to enjoy your day cruising on a ship at sea is yours! Dining is also a casual experience. No formal wear is required while dining ? just bring your appetite!

Windjammer Repositioning Cruises - Ship Facts

* Berths: almost 65 to more than 100
* Crew: 30 to 45
* Length: almost 200 feet to almost 300 feet
* Beam: 30 to 40 feet
* Draft: 15 to 23 feet

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