Windstar Cruise Excursions

Endless opportunities for fun and adventure await when you reserve Windstar cruise excursions. Swim with the dolphins in the Caribbean, go whale watching off the coast of Mexico, or soak up the sun on the Greek Island of Santorini. Windstar cruise excursions are available on all Windstar Cruise destinations in South America, North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama Canal, Belize, the Greek Isles, the Mediterranean, and Europe.

Windstar Cruise Excursions - Accommodations

Customary of a Windstar cruise are the teak decks, rich wood interiors, and attentive service staff who make your cruising experience a memorable one. Windstar Cruises provide cruise passengers with spacious ocean view staterooms and deluxe suites furnished with all the amenities of a luxury resort.

Windstar Cruise Excursions - Dining

Savor gourmet cuisine featuring both light and vegetarian menus selections in the elegant setting of the restaurant. Enjoy exquisite dining service and an extensive wine list. Those in search of a less formal setting will enjoy dining in the Bistro or enjoying a light dish and tropical drink in the Pool Bar. The delicious entrees are aesthetic presentations as well as sumptuous delights.

Windstar Cruise Excursions - On-board Entertainment

Beneath the towering white sails, enjoy afternoon tea on the sun deck or pass the hours away admiring the beautiful panoramic view from the rail of a Windstar Cruises ship. Plenty of onboard activities provide passengers with numerous opportunities for fun and adventure. Games, water sports, dancing, and many more activities are on hand for Windstar sailors. Complimentary water-skiing, snorkeling, wind surfing, kayaking, and banana boat rides are available from the ship's water sports platform.

Windstar cruise excursions are plentiful and elaborate. Hike to the jungle ruins of Mayan Belize, stroll the narrow white washed streets of Santorini overlooking beautiful mountain vistas, or tour some of the travel world's oldest archaeological wonders like the buried city of Pompeii.

Windstar Cruise Excursions - Destinations

On Windstar Cruise excursions travel to exotic ports of call such as South America, the Mediterranean, the Panama Canal, Portofino, Italy, Monte Carlo, Monaco, St. Florent, Corsica, St. Tropez, France, Marseille, France, the Greek Islands, Barcelona, Spain and other intriguing cities. Fascinating ports of call await you on Windstar Cruises. Take a dip in the crystal waters of a Caribbean island, take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice, shop the quaint shops along the French and Italian Rivieras. Windstar Cruises excursions take the cruise ship traveler to alternative otherwise hidden destinations that larger standard cruise ships are unable to reach because of their size. The added luxury and special touch of Windstar Cruise excursions will make each destination even more memorable with professional guides and experts in the fields of eco-tourism, anthropology, marine biology, and archaeology.

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