Windstar Transatlantic Cruises

A transatlantic cruise - this is a true voyage from the golden era of cruising. Experience the majesty and grandeur the travelers ofyesteryear felt when they first experienced the true strikingly stirring power of the Ocean. Close your eyes to the breeze of the seas, and open them to be surrounded by majestic water. Now, you can experience the mystifying powers of the ocean through the uniquely grand Windstar Transatlantic Cruises.

Windstar Transatlantic Cruises - About Windstar

Windstar cruises have pioneered the concept of luxury yacht cruises through various locations across the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic. This new style of cruising is a revolution for an industry that has traditionally focused so heavily on massive cruise liners that sometimes have a tendency to emphasize - quantity over quality. The three Windstar sailing vessels offer unique personalized service along with a unique design. Each is equipped with fully functional masted-sails, which with a push of a button, can be rigged within two minutes. They all have the most advanced navigational systems, coupled with a compact size that allows traveling the waters with ease. The vessels also offer the highest level of personalized service, catering to your every need - so you can truly enjoy your cruising experience. All this makes Windstar a refreshing choice for your next vacation diversion.

Windstar Transatlantic Cruises - Destinations and Itineraries

Windstar Transatlantic cruises are great ways to experience the powerful breadth of the mighty and magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Along with Windstar's first-class offerings in service, cuisines, and accommodation, you'll experience the freedom of being out in the sea, with nothing but sky and water around. Imagine relaxing at a famed resort in the verdant Caribbean locations of Barbados or the Virgin Islands one day, and a few days later, experience the distinguished European flavor of Lisbon, Portugal, while engulfed by the ocean that separates the two hemispheres in a luxury Windstar cruising vessel. Let's take a look at the 2011 Windstar transatlantic Cruises itineraries:

The Wind Surf conducts two Windstar transatlantic cruises. One is a 14-night journey from Bridgetown, Barbados to Lisbon on Apr. 9th. The vessel goes on a direct journey to its destinations, and offers a variety of activities and entertainment options onboard. On November 19th, it conducts a 13-day journey from Lisbon to Bridgetown, which is also direct.

The Wind Spirit conducts 14-night Windstar transatlantic cruises on Apr. 8th and Nov. 18th. In April, the vessel will depart from St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands to Lisbon and from Lisbon to St. Thomas in November.

The Wind Star conducts two Windstar transatlantic cruises on Apr. 15th and Nov. 11th. In April, the vessel will depart from Bridgetown to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Bridgetown in November.

Windstar Transatlantic Cruises - Points of Interest

The U. S. Virgin Islands offer something for every traveler. On these islands, there are many wonderful beaches, resorts, hiking opportunities, and beautiful vistas of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meeting together. If lazing in the sand is your taste, head out to one of St. Thomas's beaches, including Magans Bay, called one of the world's most beautiful, with ample opportunities to swim and sun above the warm waters and flat, sandy seabed. If you feel more adventurous, try heading out to Sapphire beach, where you'll have plenty of chances to snorkel around the coral reefs. Or, tackle one of the many hills that run through the island. Some of the hikes will lead you to the summit, where you can get perhaps the most breathtaking view of the Virgin Islands and out into the sea. If luxury is your style, head out to St. Croix, full of lavish resorts, beach-side restaurants, and bars where you can sip a drink and listen to endless hours of soca and reggae music. Don't forget St. John's Island, also plentiful in snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

Barbados is where you'll get a pleasant combination of European flavor and Caribbean scenery. Known as the 'Little England' of the Caribbean, this charming little island hasn't quite lost its British feel. One walk through the capital of Bridgetown, you'll see several Anglican churches, portraits of Queen Elisabeth, and a civilized game of cricket every now and then on an open lawn. There are several other sights to see, including several beautiful natural attractions. One is Welchman Hall Gully, which is a dense ravine with several species of different wildlife. This area was one of the few that wasn't cultivated by early settlers; therefore it retains a sense of lovely unspoiled beauty. Travelers can spend hours exploring the different plants and animals that dwell in this region. There is also Harrison's Cave, a network of grottos and caverns containing various stalactites, stalagmites, creeks, and passageways. You get a chance to explore the rich geological features in this striking site.

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon offers a great taste of unique and rich Iberian culture. This popular European city offers the right mix of historic and cultural riches, warm and pleasant beaches, and an entertaining nightlife. Historically, it's location in the valley of seven hills and its proximity to the coast made it a popular site for traders and it retains that allure even to this day. One of their major districts is the baixa, or downtown, an area that is full of great attractions, museums, and World Heritage Sites. There are also several wonderful outlying historical attractions, such as Castle of S' Jorge, a wonderfully crafted fortress on the tallest hill in the city. Travelers can also get their share of the European sun on Praia de Coceicao, one of the most popular beaches in the city. Finally, if there is a need for an after-sightseeing refreshment, head down to one of the popular local bars such as Bugix or Pavilh' Chin'. Here, you can experience live music, great food and drink, and a uniquely Portuguese atmosphere.

Windstar Transatlantic Cruises - How to Book

Take a journey aboard one of the excellent Windstar transatlantic cruises, and experience these clear blue waters like never before! To book a Windstar cruise, please call one of's friendly and experienced cruise specialists. They will be glad to provide you with information, answer any questions, or guide you through the cruise reservations process. Hop aboard a Windstar cruise ship today, and spend your vacation skirting the Atlantic Ocean like the explorers of yesteryear!

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