World Cruise Cunard

A World Cruise with Cunard Cruise Lines may include a diverse range of travel itineraries, with trips geared for something as short as 6 days to expeditions lasting 109 days! A Cunard World Cruise travels to a laundry list of destinations like Curacao, Panama, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China,Thailand and Singapore. Now catch your breath and hold on because a World Cruise with Cunard may also bring you to Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England and the United States of America. When it comes to spanning the globe, this cruise line doesn't fool around.

Besides offering an incredible travel experience characterized by top shore excursions in exciting ports of call, a Cunard World Cruise is further enhanced by a great environment onboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2 ships. Offering the extravagance of the world's finest hotel, these luxurious liners have been graced by royalty and the rich-and-famous alike. Noted for gracious service accommodations, exquisite dining and diverse entertainment, these vessels offer comfort, intimacy and privacy while pampering its guests.

When it comes to choosing a world cruise for a most ultimate family vacation or group outing, it is hard to imagine two vessels any more well-versed and capable than Cunard's highlighted queens.

World Cruise Cunard - Departure Ports

Cunard offers over fifteen world cruises for the year 2006. With this in mind, the Cunard line thus sails from a variety of departure ports throughout the world. Common departure ports in the United States for a Cunard World Cruise may include New York, Los Angeles or Fort Lauderdale. A World Cruise with Cunard may also depart from Southampton, England, Sydney, Australia, Hong Kong, China and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. With so many departure ports to choose from, a Cunard World Cruise is inclusive and attainable for people all around the world.

World Cruise Cunard - 6-Day Cunard World Cruise

Setting sail on the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship, the Cunard World Cruise travels from Europe to New York in one week's time. After departing from Southampton, England, this World Cruise with Cunard will sail the Atlantic Ocean for six days before wrapping up in New York City. Unlike many cruises which stop and go from various ports of call, this Cunard World Cruise sets it eyes straight on the United States. A wonderful opportunity for those passengers looking for a peaceful week at sea onboard the luxurious Queen Elizabeth 2, this World Cruise with Cunard is scheduled to set sail at the start of the New Year in 2006.

World Cruise Cunard - 109-Day Cunard World Cruise

Since you've heard about the shortest Cunard World Cruise, here's the longest voyage to further float your boat. The 109-day World Cruise with Cunard is a spectacular, roundtrip affair from New York City. Starting in early January and concluding at the end of April, this expedition epitomizes the idea of a world cruise. With such a big task, Cunard guests will depart on the Queen Elizabeth II ship and come home on the Queen Mary II vessel, after switching over in Southampton.

This Cunard World Cruise will travel via diverse waters which include but are not limited to the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Panama Canal, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Tasman Sea, Indian Ocean, East and South China Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, Suez Canal and Mediterranean Sea. Combining all of these previously mentioned destinations, this World Cruise with Cunard offers American guests the opportunity to board at different junctures.

For example, a traveler may board this Cunard World Cruise from Fort Lauderdale and embark on a 107-day trip. Other passengers may choose a 14-day sail from New York to Los Angeles. Guests may disembark 37 days later in Sydney or 63 days later in Hong Kong, if they so desired. Whatever the decision, the choice is yours on this most amazing World Cruise with Cunard Cruise Lines.

World Cruise with Cunard - Queen Elizabeth II Ship

Since most Cunard world cruises set sail and spend most of their time on the Queen Elizabeth II ship, here's a description of his wonderful vessel which has a maximum capacity for almost 1800 guests. The Queen Elizabeth 2 first set sail on May 2, 1969, with a voyage from Southampton to New York. After being re-engined from November 1986 to April 1987, the Queen Elizabeth 2 was completely refurbished some 15 years later in 2001. This 963-foot vessel can really put the pedal to the metal, cruising at a maximum speed of 32.5 knots. With 12 guest decks, the Queen Elizabeth 2 offers plenty of options for its guests.

Dine at one of the seven restaurants on the Queen Elizabeth 2 during a Cunard World Cruise. For an intimate dining experience, visit the Pavilion, which can accommodate 58 customers. The other six restaurants onboard--Queens Grill, Princess Gill, Britannia Grill, Caronia Restaurant, Mauretania Restaurant and The Lido--house more passengers. After a wonderful dinner, head over to one of the various lounge. Catch a show at the Theatre/Cinema, smoke cigars in the Yacht Club or just regale fellow passengers with your tales of adventure at the Crystal Bar.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 also houses a casino for those guests who want to test lady luck during a Cunard World Cruise. Other popular amenities include but are not limited to a computer centre, video arcade, teen disco, health spa, various swimming pools and a golf driving range.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 offers 950 total rooms for its guests on a World Cruise with Cunard. 671 of those rooms are ocean views, with 70% of them featuring balconies. The Queen Elizabeth 2 is also home to three suites and two grand suites. The remaining 279 staterooms feature 24-hour room service, a television, radio, direct dial phone, and a full bathroom with a shower and/or a tub.

World Cruise Cunard - Discounts

For the latest information and updated news on discounts, deals and specials for a World Cruise with the Cunard Line, be sure to visit Book online or call to speak with an experienced Cruise Specialist.

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